The Business of Funeral Homes

Funeral homes are the go-to businesses when a family or loved one dies. It is an extremely important enterprise because they come in at such a sensitive and sad time in a person’s life. When families choose a certain funeral home over another, it reflects their confidence in the service that would be provided. They trust that this particular funeral home will handle all the important details at this distressing time in their lives. The goal of a funeral home business is to become the go-to and top-of-mind establishment for the community. Funeral homes establish this relationship over long years of good service.


A funeral home business takes into account the issues and values that matter most to the community that they are serving. Religious and ethnic traditions should be taken into account as well. A trusted provider of funeral services will also take into account the demographics of the community they are serving and adjust to these characteristics. One challenge faced by those in the funeral home industry is knowing how to become the first choice for consumers. More often than not, death is a non-topic. People don’t want to think about dying, and therefore won’t even approach a funeral home for pre-planning services.

However, pre-planning your own funeral is actually a practical thing to do –

It also shows thoughtfulness to those whom you’re leaving behind. When your own funeral is already planned and paid for, your loved ones will not be distressed anymore. The challenge is for consumers to become aware of this need. It is up to the funeral home business how they will make people aware of their importance. Funeral homes are surely more important than families realize.

Starting a funeral home business is actually a good thing because there will always be a need for it. It is a fact that death is certain. However, funeral directors are a special breed. Patience and understanding, as well as sensitivity in dealing with mourning families, is of utmost importance. You have to remember that you are conducting a business transaction at a very personal phase in a person’s life. A funeral director must also be comfortable working with corpses, which is actually a tall order for anyone. Funeral directors go through training.

funeral home

They need to be licensed before being allowed to do business. Certain skills, such as embalming, require specialized training and licensing. Running this type of business is also challenging. Try to study or read up on the industry before embarking on it.  Many funeral businesses are firmly established in the community and have been there for many generations. If you plan to start your own business, you need to overcome the competition.

Most newly-established funeral homes employ creative marketing strategies and create a specialized niche in the community. Conducting market research in the community will really help. The cost of starting a funeral home business can be huge, because proper equipment is needed for embalming and cremation.

A big space is also needed for the funeral chapels where visitations and services will be held –

There should also be smaller rooms where the family can have a meal or rest. You will also need space for storing caskets and other items. Location is also important, as well as ample parking space. Other important items to invest in are vehicles. At least one hearse and one limousine are needed. The cost of these vehicles can be expensive.

There are indeed intangible rewards in running funeral homes. You are providing a valuable service to the community. However, the fact that it is a business must not be discounted.


Author Bio
Gentry Griffey is the only funeral homes in Knoxville that does not use an out-of-town crematory. The entire cremation process is completed on-site at our crematory by our professional and licensed staff.